Here's the thing, I will undoubtedly fall in love with somebody who will undoubtedly be the wrong person for me and I will mistakenly make them my world.
I will tell myself not to think of a future but my core will not detach itself from the hopes that we last  and my mind will be unable to conjure up a scenario in which we are apart and anything less than perfect.
I will be so devoted to this person that I will make a fool of myself for any reason, so long as they are with me.
I will break completely when we fall apartand I will forget what it felt like to be happy by myself,
I will remember the realization that my heart can physically ache
and the throbbing will keep me awake at night.
I will lose hope and care for anything other than a relapse of time.
I will become cynical and angry and sad and I will stay that way for much too long.
My self-esteem will plummet and I will hurt so deeply that I will wish for things I don't mean.vI will love that person and hate them in cycles of I'm-literally-insane and it may never actually stop.