My name is Siti Aminah but others may refer to me as Myn or Ami.
When I was a little girl, my smile was as bright as the sun as I ran and jumped and tumbled and I climbed trees that were so tall they touched the sky and I fell down and I picked myself up, still smiling.
Oh and it was when I was five, that my smile finally faded and my parents grew frustrated with themselves and the day they told my brother, sister and I that they weren’t going to be together anymore was the same day I fell but I wasn’t strong enough to stand back up.
If I were to describe myself I’d point out that I’m five foot, an inch tall.
I have deep, dark black eyes that observe more than they can really see, they remain hidden behind my plain contact lenses for they, themselves, wish not to be seen.
My hair is a lil brown and ordinary, short and untamed.
I spend most of my time tweeting even though rarely does anything exciting happen to me but then, that’s what Dr, Watson said right before he met Sherlock Holmes.
I love good songs, good movies and good books because I love stories.
Listening to them, watching them, reading them I’d never get bored.
Death laughs, and life depresses me. I’m afraid of a lot of things.
Sometimes I feel too much, sometimes I feel nothing at all and that somehow frightens me.
My imagination tends to run wild and sometimes it’s beautiful but sometimes it’s brutal or maybe sometimes I’m just paranoid.
I think about thinking. I think about other people's thinking. I think about other people thinking about what I’m thinking too, and I think I’m an over thinker.
I believe in the equality of all things though I’m hesitant to say it’s achievable. I know there’s good to be found in people but I don’t understand why all I keep finding is bad?
If you ask me my name, I’d probably stumble over it like I stumble over everything because words seems to curl my tongue, they do wonder at the tips of my fingers but die as soon as they cross my lips.
I get nervous when I have to speak or look someone in the eye and I’m pretty sure my mouth has a mind of its own.
I like being alone but sometimes I get lonely and I’m moody and temperamental and a little mental but I know those that care for me don’t mind.
I’m clumsy and uncoordinated.
I guess these things would come out from my mouth if I were to describe myself.